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easyEndo™ Linear Cutting Stapler for single use

True one-handed grasping mechanism
  • easyEndo™ incorporates 4 patents
  • Precise control and manipulation of tissue
Tissue contacting surface will completely guide staples
  • into the staple pockets for superior staple formation and haemostasis
  • Independent testing by SGS in October 2015 between easyEndo™ and other leading competitors demonstrated the superiority of easyEndo™ with fewer malformed staples across a broader range of tissue thicknesses.
Wide proximal-to-distal jaw aperture
  • For easy positioning and manipulation of tissue
Precise staple pocket formation technology
  • Delivers consistent formed staple performance
Appropriate tissue compression and control to
  • Minimise the distal extrusion and displacement of tissue
  • Optimal tissue compression

See images of the easyEndo™ Linear Cutting Stapler below

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