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The First & Only Intelligent Insufflator

Always pneumo
The AP 50/30 is a carbon dioxide insufflator and intelligent pneumo management system for laparoscopic and robotic surgery.
Intelligent insufflation
The AP 50/30 utilises real-time intracavitary pressure and flow-sensing technology to optimise gas delivery and provide pneumo-stability for the duration of surgery.
The AP 50/30 has multiple operating modes including standard insufflation, high flow, paediatric, bariatric, vessel harvesting and TAMIS modes.
Delivers 100% carbon dioxide
Lexion is committed to using 100% of carbon dioxide gas. Other insufflation systems may supplement carbon dioxide with added room air. Using air; which includes nitrogen, to supplement pneumo, is harmful to patients.
For more information, contact Dean Fossett on 082-457-1277 or email dean@pinnaclesurgical.co.za