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Creating a new standard for pneumoperitoneum

Lexion Medical is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of advanced technologies for gas conditioning in minimally invasive surgical procedures. Our goal is to provide innovative technologies that help patients return to their normal, productive lives… faster. Appropriately conditioning the gas before and after it leaves the body can dramatically help patients, surgeons and make operating rooms more efficient with radically improved clinical outcomes.

Stable Pneumo

The AP 50/30 Insufflator and InsuflowPort use real-time pressure and flow sensing technology to deliver the balanced and steady pneumo. This intelligent system enables you to operate at Low or High pressure regardless of leaks or instrumentation.

Enhanced Visualization

The PneuView Smoke Eliminator improves your field of vision by removing plume and combustion by-products, whilst the InsuflowPort uses CO2 conditioning to reduce lens fogging, improving your view, so you can perform top of the line care.

Cost Effective

Hospital and patient costs should not prevent you from operating with top of the line equipment. At LEXION we believe in providing affordable, exquisite technology so you can perform exquisite care.

Lexion Medical Products

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For more information, contact Dean Fossett on 082-457-1277 or email dean@pinnaclesurgical.co.za