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A new view

PneuVIEW® XE is the only active, disposable surgical smoke elimination device designed to deliver powerful smoke evacuation in a simple and easy to use package.
Closed system
PneuView® XE is an active closed-circuit smoke eliminator. Pneumo flows from the insufflator to the patient, whilst abdominal gas, plume and combustion by-products are removed through the PneuView® XE and out of the OR via a vacuum source.
ULPA filtration
PneuView® XE Active Smoke Eliminator offers ULPA filtration, which filters down to 0.01 micron, eliminating harmful contaminants associated with combustion.
A new view
Dramatically improved visualisation. PneuVIEW® XE actively evacuates plume generated by electro-cautery, for clear views throughout surgery.
Custom evacuation
With its unique push button valve system, the PneuVIEW® XE allows the surgical team to instantly customise the amount of smoke removal needed. Remove surgical plume of up to 15l per minute, ensuring a clear field of view whilst maintaining pneumoperitoneum.
For more information, contact Dean Fossett on 082-457-1277 or email dean@pinnaclesurgical.co.za